Additional Resources

This page contains additional resources related to the Nuffield Foundation funded primary languages project.  Included are example assessment resources and a motivation questionnaire that were developed and used in the project.  Also included are examples of presentations based on the findings of the project and other primary language studies in the UK.  These resources are freely available and we encourage you to download them and take a look  (please contact me on  if there are any problems or questions relating to using or downloading the resources) .

 If you use  the resources  please would you post a comment on this blog about how you used them.  This will help us in developing further tools for Primary languages

 You might also want to adapt the tasks for your own purposes.  If you do adapt or modify the tasks for a different language, please send your version to me at so I can share it on this site.

The Sentence Repetition and Photo Description tasks are the principal tasks used in the Nuffield Primary Languages project to assess linguistic progression in French.  Information on task rationale, design, administration and scoring is included in the zip files along with the task itself and the scoring tem

Sentence Repetition Task materials

Photo Description Task materials

We used a motivation questionnaire across Year 6 and 7 to examine learners’ attitudes to and motivation for learning French and how this developed over time.  Included is the final Year 7 version of the questionnaire which is very similar to that used in Year 6.  Questionnaires in this format have been used successfully with many young learners.

final year 7 questionnaire

Another area of interest, although not included in the Nuffield study, is how learners’ knowledge about language develops through primary language learning.  The metalinguistic knowledge task is designed to assess learners’ knowledge of French in a number of areas which relate directly to the SR and PD tasks: identifying parts of speech, knowledge of word order and noun gender and agreement.

Metalinguistic Knowledge Task materials

The following presentation on Individual Differences in French across transition was presented at the Network for Languages Conference London 15th November 2014.

 Primary to Secondary Transition in French – NFL conf 15th Nov 2014-final

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