Documents, presentations and video

This page contains the documents, presentations and video from the conference held at University of Reading, Institute of Education on 5th June 2014.  Click on the links below to access the files.


Suzanne Graham 5th June 2014 – key findings of the project

Louise Courtney 5th June 2014 – individual differences

Theo Marinis presentation 5th June 2014 – task differences

Alan Tonkyn presentation 5th June 2014 – target forms

Video of the plenary session


Duration: 1:26:38

Document from the breakout sessions

Worksheets for breakout sessions and references

Final Report and Executive Summary

UoR Executive summary Primary Modern Languages

UoR Final Report Primary Modern Languages

2 thoughts on “Documents, presentations and video

  1. Thanks to all the research team for this really valuable report. I’m hoping there will also be a book publication from this study! Many congratulations for the focus on the impact of primary/secondary transfer in the UK – these are very interesting and encouraging findings. I am now curious to understand more about when and how the decline in FL interest occurs for UK adolescents – another study perhaps! Kind regards, Janet Enever

  2. Thank you from me too to the team, There is a host of interesting and inter-related issues here and some very valuable findings. Inter alia, I am very interested in the GPC issue because of the implications for the teacher education programmes I am involved in. I too hope to see a book published from this! Best wishes, Gee Macrory

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